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Avail High Quality, Economical Car Repair and Preventive Maintenance Service with Breezeways Auto Care - An Authorized Bosch Auto Service Center.

We are here to help you with a complete resource for everything being automotive! If you are looking out for the best car mechanics in Delhi, you can surely bank on us for the most reliable car repair services. We strictly adhere to COVID safety protocols.
We have been in the business of automotive care for the last 30 years.
Bosch Car Service renders the best quality overhauls for your car. The vehicle’s service is performed based on the principles laid by Bosch, which relies comprehensively on a superior technology that defines the renowned German Engineering for Auto Care. We are one of the very few “Authorized Bosch Service Centre in South Delhi.”

Why Choose Authorized Bosch Service Centre for your Car Service?

As an Authorized Bosch Car Service Centre, it brings about the Bosch’s quality checkpoints, electronic audits and diagnosis of the car, elaborate global standard car repair procedures, and the choice of quality spare parts with fine-tuning.
We follow the principles of Transparency: Precision: Handholding, which defines our qualitative principles of Car diagnosis.

  • We use state-of-the-art electronic diagnosis and calibration systems through which we pinpoint the root cause of a malfunction and the reason to precisely determine the overall car’s health.
  • We always ensure a transparent communication policy with our clients through proper consultation—we advise the possible steps required to restore the car’s health to its peak.
  • The consultation involves monitoring every component of the car, and this is an essential stepper of the Quality Check Guidelines curated by Bosch.
  • We are in a position to predict the causes of future breakdowns and certain malfunctions of a car.
  • If you intend to have longevity for your car’s futuristic health, we would graciously send you a predetermined car repair quote for your approval. We would only initiate the work once you approve the quote.

Our ultimate goal is to create a driver’s experience where you keep falling in love with your car again and again.

Team Excellence

Breezeways Auto Care has been housing our brilliant team who always bring about team excellence; indeed, our car experts comprehensively equip themselves to deal with car malfunction get them back to the perfect working condition.
These experts undergo rigorous training with Bosch’s handholding program; the mechanics have an intrinsic competency to understand the car with a precise diagnosis, which helps them restore the car’s health to its peak potential.
We take care of the complete overhaul; you can be assured and relax with us for a free pick up and drop service, making our testimony more robust and becoming the resolution to get the best service.

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