Aesthetic Repairs at Breezeways Autocare

Avail High Quality and Economical Aesthetic Repairs Service at Bosch Authorized Mechanics- Breezeways Autocare

A clean car shows your best personality.

A car’s exterior appearance is the first thing that anybody notices outside of the vehicle’s make, model followed by the overall price-range. Keeping a car looking pristine is very important. You can maintain a car with regular washing, waxing, and buffing, perfect paint job, dentless body and sometimes you need a little extra maintenance to make sure it remains looking its best.

However to keep a car looking magnificent it often ends up being a major hassle and can get pricey. A car just like a child, requires regular attention, love and care from its owner. From regular disciplined cleanups to regal driving sense accounts to the conditioning of a car’s appearance and performance.

Aesthetic Repairs

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Aesthetic Repairs at Breezeways Autocare

Accidental Damage Repairs 

If your car has suffered damage due to an accident, it can be restored to its prime by Breezeways Autocare at an economical price point. We offer quick insurance processing and towing services to provide you a hassle free restoration process at your convenience.

Types of Car Accident damage repairs we service :

Headlights are essential to any functioning vehicle. It’s what drivers use to illuminate roadways at nighttime and ensure safe driving during rough weather. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least attended to parts of a car, and often the most ill-maintained. 

Why Do I Need Headlight Restoration Services?  Back in the day, headlights were made of thick glass. This was replaced overtime with polycarbonate plastic. In both instances however, regular driving would expose the headlights to friction and debris carried by dust, which would dull and mar the refractive lens. 

Sunlight exposure also plays a role in the deterioration of modern polycarbonate headlights. Overtime, it would dull its surface and affect the clarity of the projected light.  While older glass variants held up longer against scratches, they tended to be heavy and prone to breakage. The modern polycarbonate variants tend to break less, but are easier to scratch and mar. Both types, however, can benefit from headlight cleaning. 

A car’s windshield does more than just protect the driver from the elements, it also helps to guarantee added safety by preventing dust and other particulates from blowing into the driver and passenger during driving. While it’s made to withstand a significant amount of wear-and-tear, windshields can and do get damaged regularly. 

Driving with a scratched or cracked windshield might not seem like a big issue, but it is actually a major safety hazard. If your auto glass has become damaged for whatever reason, consider opting for windshield repair at Breezeways Autocare.

Getting dents and bumpers fixed can be extremely costly, which is why car owners are extra careful to ensure that it is avoided. However, some things in life don’t always go as planned. Off-road vehicles, vans, and cars that are employed for long commutes are often the ones that get banged up fairly quickly.

If your car has suffered a minor or a major dent, there’s no need to panic. You can always get it fixed with the help of our dent/body repairs at Breezeways Autocare.

A car’s exterior appearance is the first thing that anybody notices outside of the vehicle’s make, model followed by the overall price-range. Because of this, it makes perfect sense that you’d want your car’s paint to always look pristine. 

However, car paint is prone to damage, whether from exposure to the elements, or due to accidents.If you’re thinking about repainting a damaged car, it might save you a lot of time and money if you opted for an auto painting service  from Breezeways Autocare. 

Repainting a damaged vehicle may seem like a walk in the park, but there’s more to it than just applying a closely-matching coat of paint.If your car’s paint job is showing signs of wear-and-tear or has been damaged due to an accident, don’t waste time and money trying to fix it by yourself. 

Professional auto body painting services by Breezeways Autocare can do that for you. If you need to remove scratches from the car, due to an unforeseen accident, our professional auto body experts can assist. A car scratch repair seems like it might be easy to do yourself, but it is an art. Don’t leave something as important as a car scratch getting repaired to chance. Have our trained scratch repair specialists bring the shine back to your vehicle.

Car Grooming Services 

Is your car monsoon ready? Is your car parked outside, exposed to the elements during the night or a good part of the day? 

We provide the following Car Grooming Services for all whether protection to your car.

We offer a complete range of services right from basic car washing to detailed interior and upholstery cleaning, protective coating, vacuuming and dashboard polishing.

If you need professional help with the general upkeep of your car, consider opting for auto detailing services. Auto detailing is defined as the systemic, professional upkeep of a vehicle. Its aim is in ensuring that the vehicle remains in the best possible condition. People often confuse auto detailing services with car washing.

It’s an understandable mistake, since detailing will also involve steps that are commonly seen in a full service car wash. But the primary difference between car detailing and your average car wash is in the finesse of the former contrasted with the convenience and simplicity of the latter. Simply put, car detailing services are more thorough and methodical in their approach to maintaining cars. Car washes on the other hand simply focus on removing exterior dirt and debris, with very little attention paid to other integral parts of the vehicle.


 From Car Wash to interior vacuum to wet shampooing to anti -viral and bacterial treatment to dashboard polishing, we do all of these grooming services to give your car a perfect Spa.

We carry out wax polishing, tyre dressing, alloy polishing and machine rubbing to make your car receive its best makeup.

Seals and protects the under chassis of the car from impact, long term protection against rusting to the underbody of the vehicle.

Covers Ac interior vents, cooling coil and blower disinfection.

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Why Choose Us?

Bosch Authorized – Breezeways AutoCare is a leading chain of multi-brand car service workshop that offers a wide range of services. We ensure that your driving experience is top-notch by providing world-class maintenance service for every car out there.

Our primary objective is “To provide the right car care at an affordable price point “.

We have standardized rules which are religiously followed that make us your go-to car AutoCare center.

  • Transparency & Affordability: Our experts advise you on your car health based on our quality checks analysis, and we don’t charge for value added services without your consent. All packages have flat rate charges which are below the average market price point.

  • Quality Spare Parts: We use authentic and high-quality spare parts for your cars. We have the right spare parts for every car brand with the rights to claim the applicable warranty.

  • Our pick up and Drop Facility: We always try to put the convenience of our customers first! We offer to pick up and drop service. We collect your car, service it, and drive it back safely to your home!
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