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Avail High Quality and Economical Performance Repairs Service at Bosch Authorised Mechanics- Breezeways Autocare

Is your car taking a toll over time and use?

With constant use your vehicle can be subject to malfunctioning, more so if it has not had it periodic maintenance services check. Should your car be caught in an unfortunate and unforeseen situation of a breakdown or show signs of one, all you need to do is to call your trusted car doctor for immediate and effective diagnosis and health check-up for an inconvenience free  timely restoration. 

Through our state-of-the-art electronic diagnosis and calibration systems we get to the root of the cause in no time and speed up your car’s health back to a hassle-free running condition. What’s more, we can precisely through such a diagnosis chart your future car maintenance needs by determining its vulnerability for malfunctions. In effect, your car’s health mapping goes beyond the current repair services that you restore to when you visit us.   

When you visit us, you get both performance repairs as well as preventive maintenance assurance for the future through our diagnosis report. After all, our services come with the top of the class quality check assurance curated by Bosch, with trained experts under Bosch’s hand holding program dedicated to attend to all your service needs.

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Performance Repairs at Breezeways Autocare

  • Brakes : Are you hearing a grind, squeak or a squeal every time you hit the brakes of your car? Is the brake pedal movement hindered? Is your steering wheel feeling shaky? Does your car wobble when you are speeding? Our technical experts and trained staff will investigate your car and conduct a thorough evaluation. Following this, the malfunctioning brake components will be replaced.

  • Clutch : Is there a burning paper smell in your car? Is your transmission slipping gears? Or is your clutch sticking? Such situations may arise when the clutch is worn out and in need of repair or replacement, depending on the severity. Have it inspected by our expert to save you from the dangers that a clutch-fail might cause.

  • Electricals : One of the most essential systems of a car is its electrical system, from the battery to the wiring. This system is what provides power to other parts of the vehicle and hence aptly named, ‘the powerhouse’ of the vehicle. If you are unable to turn on your car, or don’t hear the grinding of the ignition, call our trained technicians to assist you with any car electrical repair services you might need.

  • Engine : The engine is arguably the most important, and intricate, aspect of your car. One of the first signs your car gives you if your engine is in need of repair, is oil leaks. To ensure smooth functioning of the vehicle’s engine, you must get your vehicle’s engine looked after by our experts as and when suggested by the manufacturer. If you do end up in a situation where your vehicle requires undue repair or replacement of the engine, then our technicians can offer best in-class services for the same.

  • Exhaust : The exhaust system is an intricate system playing a vital role in your car. It clears the car from all the unwanted pollutants given away by the mechanical systems of the vehicle. If your car has become too noisy, if you smell gasoline, you aren’t able to accelerate smoothly, or if there’s a downfall in fuel efficiency, there is a high possibility that your exhaust system needs repair.

  • Fuel System : Is your car engine making an unusual sound and you can’t pinpoint what it is? Bring your car to any one of our workshops or call us any time at all. Your fuel pump may be damaged or your fuel filter could be clogged. We at Breezeways, can help you figure out the issue and offer all appropriate assistance to solve the issue, while maintaining the quality of the services provided to you.

  • Suspension System : Is the front of your car dipping downwards when you hit the brake? Is there a noise while driving on rough roads? Is your car swayed by sideward winds? Is there something wrong with the handling? If any of this is true, you probably have something wrong in your car’s suspension. If not repaired on time, issues with the suspension system may reduce the stability of the vehicle and the driver could lose control. Hence we recommend that you get your suspensions components checked at the first hint of a problem.

  • Steering : Along with the suspension system, the steering is the device responsible for the amount of control a driver has over the vehicle. If your steering feels heavy, or makes noises, or vibrates, make sure you take the vehicle for evaluation by our experts.

  • Transmission : Issues in transmission lead to unusual sounds, gear slipping, hard shifting and various other serious intrusions while driving. Our quality services help you be on guard for such potential disruptions. Technicians at Breezeways provide world class transmission repair services at our workshop.


  • Wheels : Wheels keep your car tires intact with an airtight seal to maintain the grip between the two. Our  experts are well versed with wheel dynamics with the tire and are capable of assisting with wheel repair services from our repair and servicing workshop.


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Why Choose Us?

Bosch Authorized – Breezeways AutoCare is a leading chain of multi-brand car service workshop that offers a wide range of services. We ensure that your driving experience is top-notch by providing world-class maintenance service for every car out there.

Our primary objective is “To provide the right car care at an affordable price point “.

We have standardized rules which are religiously followed that make us your go-to car AutoCare center.

  • Transparency & Affordability: Our experts advise you on your car health based on our quality checks analysis, and we don’t charge for value added services without your consent. All packages have flat rate charges which are below the average market price point.

  • Quality Spare Parts: We use authentic and high-quality spare parts for your cars. We have the right spare parts for every car brand with the rights to claim the applicable warranty.

  • Our pick up and Drop Facility: We always try to put the convenience of our customers first! We offer to pick up and drop service. We collect your car, service it, and drive it back safely to your home!
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